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Right to life and safety is a fundamental right of any citizen of India. This is guaranteed under the Indian Constitution. Anything which is hazardous to human beings and violates the right to life, such as road safety is covered under this Right. Road fatalities currently lead the list of accidental deaths in India, much more than any other accidental deaths like by drowning, fire, rail or air mishaps, etc. At the inquest of the world’s first road traffic death in 1896, the Coroner was reported to have said ‘this must never happen again’. More than a century later, 1.35 million people are killed on roads every year and up to 50 million more are injured. Without action the loss of lives on the roads is expected to be around 1.9 million each year. Road safety is an issue that does not receive anywhere near the attention it deserves – and it really is one of our great opportunities to save lives.     

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