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When driving in communities, I will slow down to 20mph (30km/h) to protect people walking, cycling and on motorcycles. When driving between places, I will slow down, particularly when it's harder to see ahead, in dangerous weather and at night. I will avoid passing other vehicles.

We pledge to drive

Support Us To Make Our Country's Roads Most Safe And Secure. To Empower The Youth Of Our Country & To Develop the The Rural Area Of Our Country. Click the Involved  Button to Join us now.


we Kuldeep Lawaniya Foundation working To Make Our Roads More Safe, We are continuously Awaring Peoples about Their Initiatives And their contribution to enhance the  roadsafety We are also working On Our Youth's Skill Development to   Empowerment  The Youth.And of course  How Can We Assume Our Country Without Our Villages And Rural Section And That's why We are committed to do everything whatever is possible to & Develop Empower Our Rural Area.But without Your Contribution & Your Support  we are not capable to Complete our Mission.So,we are inviting You  To Support Us On Our Mission.

Kuldeep Lawaniya Foundation is a part of Road Safety in Aligarh. We are spreading the awareness. Support us to make India's Road Accident Free. Donate Now 

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